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CoMA CoMA - Contemporary Music and Artists
CoMA activities are since 2010 discontinued.

Download and read a summary of CoMA activities here.

For further questions contact Media Artes.

CoMA was founded in the spring of 2003 as a centre for contemporary art music. Formally based in Växjö, it operates under the auspices of the Musik i Syd regional network with funding from both the Swedish National Concert Institute and the National Council for Cultural Affairs.
WNMD The aim and mission of CoMAs is to create the best possible conditions and opportunities for newly composed music, by proactive means. En route to this objective - the encounter between the composer and the listener - a number of steps are involved: the commissioning of new works, the organisation of seminars, master classes and teaching activities, funding for organisers and tours, CD releases, information/ marketing, networking activities and international cooperation, etc.
CoMA constitutes a resource for the independent art music scene. Together with the cultural association Media Artes, it organises a wide range of concert activities with Swedish and foreign freelanace musicians. The two organisations are also jointly responsible for the Blomdahl Studio - an electro accoustic production studio with an experimental stage - and for the CoMA Festival: Art Music for the Future. This close collaboration with Media Artes ensures that the intentions of CoMA are properly and efficiently fulfilled.
The CoMAs undertaking also extends to tour-based production groups comprising ensembles and composers in residence, an integrated concept that involves close cooperation with concert organisers and enables us to adopt a long term perspective in our production activities. Mixerbord
CoMA operates at the regional, national and international level. Its net-work is extensive, involving numerous partners, and encompasses every aspect of the contemporary art music scene. Collaboration is one of our keywords and our perspective is global.

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