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CoMA ENSEMBLES - Ensembles In Residence
CoMA´s production activities are wide-ranging and include both freelance artists and ensembles who make up CoMA´s independent, long-term production groups. The present ensembles in residence are:
- Axelsson & Nilsson Duo »

- Stockholm Saxophone Quartett »
- Ensemble Ars Nova »

- Trio TribukaitPetterssonBerg »
Axelsson & Nilsson Duo

was formed in 1986 and consists of the Trombonist Ivo Nilsson and the Percussionist Jonny Axelsson. The Duo plays Contemporary music and their activities has over the years taken them on Concert tours and festivals to Europe, USA and several countries in Asia.

Having a large unique repertoire consisting of works especially written for the Duo and solo pieces for both instruments, they have fantastic possibilities to create highly differentiated concert program. Looking at their concert activities one can see the evidence for that.

Axelsson & Nilsson Duo are an ensemble in residence under the aegis of CoMA/Musik i Syd. Among Sweden’s foremost ensembles in contemporary art music, the duo perform all over the world. From the autumn of 2005, they have been commissioned to work with CoMA’s composers in residence over a 2-3 period. New works will be presented at concerts in Sweden and abroad, on CDs, in radio recordings, at workshops and seminars, and in other educational settings, etc.

Visit the duo’s website for further information about their activities: CDs, tours, projects, etc. You can also get up-to-date information via their newsletter.
Axelsson & Nilsson Duo
Photo: Dana Sederowsky
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet

consisted of Sven Westerberg – soprano saxophone, Jörgen Pettersson – alto saxophone, Leif Karlborg – tenor saxophone and Per Hedlund – baritone saxophone, are an innovative and pionnering leader in Swedish contemporary music and represents a fresh look at saxophone and electro-acoustic music.

Their performances are more than music, they are meticulously syntheses of light, movement and visual harmony that represent a new wave in chamber music.

Their collaboration with composers established as well as students, is unique and more than 300 works have been written for the ensemble.
The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet are one of Sweden’s leading ensembles on the contemporary art music scene, constantly touring the world. From the autumn of 2005, the quartet will be one of two ensembles in residence with CoMA/Musik i Syd and will be working for 2-3 years with CoMA’s composers in residence, recording new works on CD and on radio, at concerts in Sweden and abroad, conducting seminars and workshops, and teaching, etc.

Read more about the ensemble’s repertoire, CD recordings, tours, etc, at their website.
Stockholms Saxofonkvartett
Photo: Ulrika Ljungberg
Ensemble Ars Nova.

Ensemble Ars Nova, southern Sweden´s ensem-ble for contemporary art music, was established in 1986 at the initiative of composer Johannes Johansson. It consists both of freelance musicians and of musicians from the region´s orchestras. For a number of years now, Ensemble Ars Nova has been exploring the possibilities afforded by the concert form, in a series of concerts and projects incorporating elements from other art forms and other forms of musical expression. One of the key activities of the ensemble is the performance and recording of newly commissioned works. Ensemble Ars Nova has recorded two CDs in its own name (Ars Nova – All Digital dBCD17,, which was nominated for Sweden´s top music prize for the best classical album of 1996 and Ars

bild på ars nova
Nova – Contemporary Swedish Music MAPCD 9133, and has contributed to many others. From the outset, the ensemble has also made recordings for the Swedish Radio´s classical music channel, P2. Ensemble Ars Nova has toured Sweden under the auspices of the National Concert Institute, and in addition has toured Denmark, Germany and Poland.
Quartetto Ars Nova is - as the name implies - drawn from Ensemble Ars Nova. It specialises in the contemporary quartet repertoire and in newly commissioned works. The quartet comprises Bodil Rørbech, violin, a freelance soloist and chamber musician with a solo repertoire comprising works written for her by composers in Europe, the US and Latin America; Andreas Hagman, violinist and alternating leader of the Malmö Opera Orchestra, frequently in demand as a chamber musician, for instance as a member of the Aros Quartet; Markus Falkbring, viola, principal viola with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and a high-profile chamber musician in many different contexts; and David Peterson, a cellist with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and a frequent performer in various chamber music constellations.
Ensemble in residence
From 2003, Ensemble Ars Nova is attached to the CoMA centre as one of two ensembles in residence. As a result of its close collaboration with composer Anders Hultqvist, it will be presenting a number of new works. Following their first performance, these works will be played on tour in Sweden and abroad, and will be presented to a broader audience on CD.

Contact the ensemble through CoMA or directly via:
Stefan Östersjö
Tel: + 46 (0)40 97 91 18
Trio Tribukait, Pettersson, Berg

Established in 1996. A common theme in the trio's work is a strong commitment to Swedish music. The ensemble's unusual combination of instruments has attracted many composers, primarily Swedish ones, and resulted in some 60 new works specially written for the trio. The instrumental structure and unfamiliar tonal constellations of the ensemble also make for unique performance opportunities in such disparate settings as church halls and concert stages, festivals and school halls - a broad interface that has attracted attention and stimulated demand.
The trio's ambition to use workshops and courses to encourage young trainee composers, along with the open seminars it organises for a wider audience, has brought it "communicative recogn-ition". By means of specially adapted concerts for children, the ensemble has also shown how even the youngest can profitably be shown a world of sound capable of awakening their interest in contemporary music at an early age.

The success of the ensemble has generated incr-easing interest in various quarters. Technical bri-lliance coupled with artistic awareness and a de-ep commitment to Swedish contemporary art music has made Trio TribukaitPetterssonBerg one of our most popular ensembles. The trio has been engaged by Swedish Radio on a number of occasions and next season will embark on a CD project with the Chamber Sound recording company.
Trio Tribukait
Ensemble in residence

From 2003 the trio is attached to CoMA as one of two ensembles in residence. This will result in the performance of a number of new works specially written for the ensemble, among others by CoMA's and the trio's "own" composer in residence, Staffan Storm. The trio's association with CoMA will also mean a broader range of activities: CD recordings, tours in Sweden and abroad, educational collaboration, etc.
The members of Trio TribukaitPetterssonBerg are:

Bengt Tribukait, organ, cembalo and piano, who has given concerts in Sweden and abroad (recently in Russia and South Africa). He has successfully participated in a number of international organ competitions and won the top prize in Dublin in 1992. In the spring of 2002, he issued a Bach CD(Musica Rediviva to great critical acclaim.
Michael Pettersson, flutes, who is also a member of Ensemble SON and KammarensembleN, with which he has made numerous international guest appearances (e.g. at the World Music Days in Hong Kong with KammarensembleN). He has also been involved in countless gramophone, radio and television recordings.

Daniel Berg, percussion/marimba, who teaches at a number of institutions, including the Royal Danish Music Conservatory and the Colleges of Music in Örebro and Göteborg. He is considered one of Sweden's finest marimba players. His "marimba CD", entitled "In a Landscape", was recently released(Musica Rediviva
Contact the ensemble through CoMA ord directly via:
Daniel Berg
Tel: + 46 (0)31 20 73 79

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